New Year, New W9 Form

How’s THAT for a fun time, huh? LET’S PARTY!

As a Location Manager you deal with A LOT of paperwork in a very quick timeframe. And every agreement needs to have a W9 filled out, or your Accounting Department will not be happy.

With 2015 here there’s a new W9 Form that actually came out in December of 2014.

Go ahead and download it for free here and update your files moving forward. Your Accounting peeps will be all like “YEAYUUUUHHH!!!!”


Another AMAZING reason to get GoodReader: Unzipping

I just discovered this while sitting here at Starbucks in South Pasadena (one of the zillion I turn into my mobile office). One of my vendors sent me their invoice and W9 as a ZIP file. I think I uttered a “urgh” since I’m working off my iPhone 6 Plus for the 20min I have before heading back out to the neighborhood to prep.

I tapped the file inside Mailbox (my favorite email iOS app of the moment), and tried the “Open In…” button. One of the first choices it gave me was GoodReader. I tapped it, and as it opened in the app, VOILÀ: GoodReader offered to UnZip the file.

Because GoodReader can handle folders, the file was Unzipped into a folder containing the documents I needed.

I swear I don’t get money from GoodReader for writing these posts. I’m just a tech-fanatic who wants to share with you yet ANOTHER way to make your office mobile.