Mileage Log app by @Contrast

I’ve used a few mileage tracking apps on my iPhone but my favorite at the moment is Mileage Log by Contrast. It doesn’t have a GPS feature, but I don’t like using GPS for mileage since I almost always have a navigation app on that’s hogging my cellular data.

You can either input your odometer start and finish readings (which, as a Scout, is what I do at the beginning and end of my day), or starting and ending addresses. You can track multiple cars and also track if it’s mileage for business, medical, or charity. And you can customize the amounts as well as add new categories.

Without further a due (is that how you write that phrase?):

Mileage Log


Business Mileage Rate Increase in 2015

Working as a Location Scout in and around Los Angeles, California, I sometimes drive 500 miles in one week. And there are plenty of other scouts out there who drive a whole lot more.

So if you live in the US, and you drive your car for work (commuting to and from the same office everyday doesn’t count, sorry), then you are entitled to a reimbursement for the mileage your car takes. That rate is adjusted year-to-year and I suggest you talk to a professional accountant about how to deduct it from your taxes, if your company isn’t paying you for them. The new 2015 rate has gone up to $0.575/mile.

More info on this Forbes article here.

Stay tuned as I’ll let you know which is my current favorite mileage tracking app.