The Best Photo Website for Scouts & Photographers

As a Location Scout you need to be able to post aaaaaaaalllllll those photographed (or archived) locations in a very quick amount of time onto a website of some sort at the end of your day. Typically this is a private website that is only shared with your client, producers, department, etc…

There are many photo-sharing sites out there that simply don’t fit the needs (or the professional look) required by scouts. Except for SmugMug, whose recent revamp in the last year or so has really hit the mark for scouts and photographers alike. It offers many different customizable templates, which make it easier than ever to get your website to stand out above the rest.

And to top it off, Adobe Lightroom has the ability to publish photos to SmugMug without you even leaving the software. No FTP software required; saving you time, RAM, and coffee. But I always check and make sure it all looks right in a browser, before sending off the link to the powers that be.

Here is the landing page on my website:

And if you’re interested, here is a referral link for SmugMug.

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