Another AMAZING reason to get GoodReader: Unzipping

I just discovered this while sitting here at Starbucks in South Pasadena (one of the zillion I turn into my mobile office). One of my vendors sent me their invoice and W9 as a ZIP file. I think I uttered a “urgh” since I’m working off my iPhone 6 Plus for the 20min I have before heading back out to the neighborhood to prep.

I tapped the file inside Mailbox (my favorite email iOS app of the moment), and tried the “Open In…” button. One of the first choices it gave me was GoodReader. I tapped it, and as it opened in the app, VOILÀ: GoodReader offered to UnZip the file.

Because GoodReader can handle folders, the file was Unzipped into a folder containing the documents I needed.

I swear I don’t get money from GoodReader for writing these posts. I’m just a tech-fanatic who wants to share with you yet ANOTHER way to make your office mobile.



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